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Russian-Ukrainian conflict could lead to further increase in paint prices: Berger

Ongoing geopolitical tensions, particularly Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and expected drop in crude prices will impact crude-related feedstock costs and could force the company to raise prices, says Abhijit Roy, Managing Director and CEO of Berger Paints India Ltd. . Raw materials related to crude represent 35 to 40% of Berger’s expenses. The company had […]

Lumber and paint prices lead rise in building material costs in January WASHINGTON — Construction input prices rose 3.5% in January from the previous month, according to a Builders and associated contractors analysis of US Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index data. Non-residential construction input prices rose 3.1% during the month. Construction input prices have risen 23.6% over the past 12 months, while non-residential construction […]

Masco: Paint prices to rise due to soaring material and shipping costs

Masco Corp. enjoys continued strong demand for its paint and plumbing products, but supply chain issues and rising raw material costs are hampering profitability. Part of the solution, according to executives at the Livonia-based manufacturer, is to pass the costs on to customers. This means DIY enthusiasts should probably expect to pay more for Behr […]

Rising Paint Prices: How Long Could They Stay High?

Paint is scarce and more expensive due to raw material constraints and supply chain issues. Manuel Balce Ceneta PA Paint is the last good that renovators or home builders may have noticed is harder to find and more expensive. Supply chain issues and raw material constraints, coupled with increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, have […]

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