Decorate the hallways with recycled paint: prices reduced by 60% in the MetroPaint sale

Take out the brushes, dust off the drop cloth and get ready to paint MetroPaint has a burst sale once a decade.

the MetroPaint Swan Island Retail Store empties its shelves and offers a 60% discount on all MetroPaint colors, except primer and Mountain Snow. The paint that normally sells for $ 15 a gallon is on sale for just $ 6. The paint is also available in 5 gallon containers for $ 30 each.

The sale is part of an effort to create an all-new MetroPaint color palette. The available colors will be reduced to 12 standard colors and concentrated on hues that could cover an entire building without being overwhelming.

“We’re excited to make room for a new color palette that will arrive, fingers crossed, in 2022,” said Oliver Dickston, program coordinator at MetroPaint.

As for the current paint palette? All colors except Mountain Snow are discontinued, so now is the last chance to pick up some discount paint and a little extra for touch ups.

For more than 20 years, MetroPaint has been in partnership with the Paint maintenance latex paint recycling program. Only 10 states in the United States recycle paint; in most other places leftover paint is either dried and sent to a landfill or dumped down the drain.

“MetroPaint has kept over 4 million gallons of paint out of landfill since the program was started by Metro,” Dickston said.

The program also participates in stewardship efforts to beautify public spaces, recently collaborating with the new Regional refreshment fund which helps fund community-led cleanup efforts. If an organization has an ongoing cleanup project in an underserved area of ​​the region, MetroPaint will donate free paint to that effort.

In addition, MetroPaint has partnered with Adopt a block to provide painting supplies to volunteers who have signed up to clean up their adopted block.

“Not only do we produce an affordable recycled product to refresh traditional spaces, but we offer a range of products donated to the community,” said Dickston.

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