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Pigment Paint Supply invites contractors and homeowners in Charlottesville, Virginia to explore its product line from Mythic Paint, a manufacturer of non-toxic, zero-VOC paints. In addition to Mythic Paint products, Virginia Company also offers Farrell-Calhoun paint products, Good Bones paint products, painting supplies, and more.

VOCs, which stand for volatile organic compounds, are organic chemicals that produce vapors at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure. These vapours, depending on the chemical composition of the underlying organic compound, can have short or long term adverse effects on a person’s health. Some common sources of VOCs include burning fuels such as gasoline, wood, coal, natural gas, industrial chemicals such as benzene, solvents such as toluene and xylene, paints, glues and perchlorethylene which is the main dry cleaning solvent.

The EPA has recognized the ubiquity of these chemicals in commonly used organic compounds and has taken the initiative to warn people of their negative effects. It regulated the use of VOCs in chemicals by creating a classification of VOCs, publishing a publicly available list of those that harm the health of residents of the country, and requiring products to carry certifications and labels based on on the concentration of VOCs and the risk they present. These health risks can include odor, irritation, chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity.

Since paints are used everywhere, the quest to create a paint material that eschews the use of traditional VOC-filled organic compositions in favor of safer alternatives has been a long one. Southern Diversified Products succeeded in creating such a product in 2002 through its collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi. The result was the birth of Mythic Paint, a line of premium, non-toxic, VOC-free latex paints.

A spokesperson for Pigment Paint Supply talks about the benefits of Mythic Paint’s non-toxic paint products saying, “VOCs are of concern as both indoor and outdoor pollutants. Outdoors, VOCs from industrial processes and vehicle emissions are hazardous due to their ability to create photochemical smog under certain conditions. However, indoor VOCs found in many common household organic compounds can also be responsible for a host of conditions that affect humans, including, in some cases, cancer. Mythic Paint products are designed to solve this exact problem posed by the excessive presence of indoor VOCs in paint materials. Mythic Paint products eliminate dangerous fumes because they are made from latex and they are formulated with confidential, non-toxic, solvent-free and high performance ingredients. They do not contain any carcinogens and are completely safe for the environment. Choosing Mythic Paint products for your home or commercial property demonstrates a dedication to the health of your family members and, in the case of businesses, the health of employees and guests who regularly use the property. If you’re looking to make that choice in Charlottesville, VA, Pigment Paint Supply can bring you the best products from Mythic Paint at the best price currently on offer. So if you’ve decided to go the zero VOC route, visit our website today or call us to ask about the availability of our Mythic Paint products.

The current line of Mythic Paint products highlighted on the Pigment Paint Supply website include All Purpose Primer, a high quality, all purpose, interior and exterior stain blocking primer, Black Label Ultra Low Carbon Interior Paint VOC, an interior paint in one accent base, available in semi-gloss, satin and flat sheens, the classic low odor interior latex paint, an interior latex paint, available in semi-gloss, eggshell, low-gloss and matte, and Odor Paint Classic Low Odor Exterior Latex Paint, Exterior Latex Paint, also available in Semi-Gloss, Eggshell, Low-Gloss, and Flat-Gloss.

Readers interested in purchasing Mythic Paint products can go to the Pigment Paint Supply website or visit its location at 1144 E. Market St, Suite 2, Charlottesville, VA. The company can be reached at (434) 296-0900 or through a contact form on its website for sales and product inquiries.


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