Supply chain issues drive up paint prices in Omaha, worldwide

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The cost of painting your home continues to skyrocket.

Since August 2020, the cost of painting has increased by 10.6% nationwide. Tim Dorn from 360 Painting said he has seen it increase by as much as 13% in Omaha, according to the supplier. Until the end of the year, the nation’s largest paint manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams, now charges a 4% supply chain surcharge on all items purchased.

And while supply chain issues have added to the deadlock in product movement, the weather is taking a big part. Severe freezes last winter shut down more than 350 facilities in Texas alone, including many petroleum product refineries.

“Paint suppliers are generally vertically integrated,” said Dorn. “So when these paint suppliers had raw material issues, it has now translated into their inability to mass-produce the amount needed. “

And in many cases, the problems persist bring the products to the market as well. Leave the shelves empty and many stores have to send customers across town to find a particular brand or type.

“Suppliers are struggling to catch up,” said the president and CEO of Ace Hardware. “They’re having trouble hiring people to do the job, they’re having trouble getting it in through ports, they’re having trouble getting it on trucks across the United States. “

It’s not just painting. Many painting-related supplies are also in short supply, adding to the frustration of customers and contractors.

“When you go to the store and are looking to paint properly, you need paint, tape, and paper,” Dorn said. “All of these things tend to be overdue. Not only did we have to use different paints, but we also had to use different supplies. “

Dorn advises his clients to find an entrepreneur who is willing to get creative and go the extra mile.

“We have to go to many suppliers for the paint, and then also to many stores with our main supplier, sometimes going as far as Bellevue when we have a project on 180th and Dodge. Dorn said. “What we’ve been able to do in some cases is we’ve rewarded them by offering them a paint upgrade when we can’t find the supplies we need, and generally that makes the customer happy.”

Several painting professionals have recommended that if you are planning to paint the interior of your home, you may want to hand it over until the first snow. During the winter months, construction projects and exterior painting halt across the country, meaning products for interior DIY projects should be more readily available.

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